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Mysore Self Practice

These classes are a unique yoga class setting in which students learn and practice at their own pace and level. Mysore class is self practice with students of mixed abilities practicing side by side under the guidance of the teacher. Students will receive one to one instruction, learning the sequence of poses and will be safely adjusted if needed.

This is the traditional way in which ashtanga yoga is taught and the class is suitable for everyone from beginners to more established practitioners. Students can start any time after start time but within 45 minutes of the finish time.

Drop-ins are welcome once you have an established mysore practice.


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Counted Full Primary

Once a week, I lead you through a traditional led primary class. This is a chance to refine your practice within the discipline of the count. It can highlight areas we tend to avoid. For those still learning the full sequence, you can still go as far as the pose you stop on. You can then rest and observe the poses you have not yet learned, or modify and continue.

Drop-ins are welcome for those with an established practice.

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