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Terms & Conditions


Subscriptions are recurring payment plans entitling the client to classes at a reduced cost. Please review carefully these terms and conditions for all my subscription plans. Subscription plans are only to be used by the purchaser and no one else.

Recurring Payments

By signing up to a subscription plan, you are expressly agreeing to recurring charges in accordance with the plan recurring cycle (monthly). You understand that it is your responsibility to manage your subscription plan.

You can log into your account to check the status of your next payment date by clicking on My Subscriptions in your profile page

You can also update your payment method by clicking My Wallet in your profile page and changing credit card details.

Cancelling your subscription plan

If you need to cancel your subscription plan you can do so yourself by logging into you account, click My Subscriptions to view the active subscription and click Cancel. Your plan will cancel just before the next payment is due.

Pausing your subscription.

All subscription plans will be paused by ashtanga yoga galway during periods when we are closed.

Your plan cannot be paused if you are injured, sick, on holiday or for any other reason.

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